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Editing Portfolio

Unstuffed - 2020 LA 48 Hour Film Project

The long standing peace between humans and stuffed animals is shattered after a string of brutal stuffie murders. Can Detective Garry Goose solve the case?

Nominated in 8 Categories:

Best Actor, Marc Michael Bianchi

Best Actress, Emily Dane

Best Director, Jonathon Courtot

Best Editor, Jonathon Courtot

Best Sound Design, Peter Srinivasan

Best Writing

Best Use of Character

Best Use of Genre

Happy To Assist - 2019 LA 48 Hour Film Project

A woman makes an unexpected friend at work.

Nominated in 2 Categories:

Best Actress, Hetty Abbot

Woman Filmmaker of the Year, Ashley Tsai

The Cellar - 2017 LA 48 Hour Film Project

A man gets caught using an unconventional method to age his wine.

Nominated in 2 Categories:

Best Actor, Spencer Paez

Woman Filmmaker of the Year, Ashley Tsai

Act of God - Unaired Television Pilot

Fort McMurray, Canada. May 2016. The most destructive wild fire in Canada's history. People flee for their lives as entire suburbs burn to the ground. Will Michel survive this "Act of God"?

Origins - Skateboard, Mountain Bike, & Snowboard

Learn the origins of the skateboard, the mountain bike, & the snowboard.

Origins was a two season show that dove into the historical origins of the things we look at every day.

Justice Served: Murderous Affairs

The stories of two murder cases. One in Newport Richie, Florida. The other in Chobham, England.

Justice Served: Murderous Affairs was a one season true crime show telling the stories of affair based murders.

Catwoman - Fan Film

Selina Kyle's life of crime comes back to haunt her in this short fan film.

Wood Pickman: Private Eye -

Web Series Pilot

Wood is brought back into the game by his old pal from the force.

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